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Can you name the city in which these movies primarily take place, using only bits of information from the movies' plo?

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Movie PlotCityTitle and Year
two idiots on journey to return something. IOU's. Seabass.'excuse me..FLOW'
so my best friend is ben affleck. janitor. Gerald Lambeau. Construction worker.
name of a body of water. casino. Livingston Dell. Barney Rubble...trouble!
harry and marv at it again. rob schneider works at the hotel! its christmas. renovating the house.
illegal business with women. airports pick ups. RED door. I will find you and I will kill you. St-Clair.
officer lowery and burnett. french making drugs on a boat. club hell bathroom fight scene. Porsche wins the race at the end.
5,280ft x8. gun shot in the leg. underground battles. one white boy.
punk rock. drugs. dad wants blue hair boy to be a lawyer. conform and be part of the system or rebel and revolt
talking to a dead guy the whole time. daughters being poisoned(caught on tape). Grandma says 'Hi'.

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