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so if ya wanna go, then ya know, oh, we're gunna fight till we do it right, so lets whoa oh oh oh, tonight
Never thought that you would be the one, acting like a **** when i was gone
your just an old man, hitting on me what, you need a cat scan
now the party's over, and every body's gone, i'm left here with myself and i wonder what went wrong
think you'll be getting this nah nah nah, not in the back of my car ah ah ah, if you keep talkin' that ---
this is our last chance, give me your hands, 'cause our world is spinning at the speed of light
Theres a place downtown where the freaks all come around, it's a hole in the wall, it's a dirty free for all
Song ChorusSong
girl, your such a --- oh girl you're such a sh*t talker, and everybody knows it
i'm sick and tired of the mess you made, but you're never gonna catch me cry
Because your love, your love, your love, is my ---
dont stop, make it pop, DJ, blow my speakers up, tonight imma fight till we see the sunlight
why won't you call me, i'm sitting here waiting, why won't you call me
they bring me so much joy, i gotta sing it, i wear 'em both so pretty, as i walk in the city

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