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EventThe Character
Hid in albania for a time
Dumbledore's sister
Ron's daughter's name
Is a 'squib'
Winky's master
The astronomy teacher
Stole regulus' locket from kreacher
Kills Snape
The deathstick, or wand of destiny
Kills dobby
The goblin who told harry how to break into girngotts
Believes in cumple horned snorkacks and nargles
Death eater who tortured the Longbottoms
One of the twins that loses an ear
The monster that lies in the chamber of secrets
EventThe Character
Death eater who finally finds voldemort
Aunt Marge's dog
One of the twins that dies
Harry accidentally blew her up because he lost his temper
Has a doe patronus
Falls off the astronomy tower
Changed the cup into a port-key
Kills Bellatrix
Harry's daughter's name
Checked to see if harry was still alive, but lied about if he was
The animal that asks harry a riddle in the maze
Is a hippogriff
Has a stag patronus
Resembles a toad
Fred and Georges best friend

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