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Can you name the MLB team based on embarassing moments in their history?

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Haven't had a winning season since 1992
The team did not have a winning season until its 11th season of existence
Went 26 seasons without making the playoffs before finally making it in 2008
Have won 0 World Series games in 48 years of existence
Lost 100+ games 4 out of 5 seasons at one point in the 2000's
The only team to lose a World Series on purpose
Lost in the ALDS 4 straight times in the 2000's
0 playoff appearances from 1996-2007
Haven't won a World Series in 62 years, just a bit outside.
The only team to lose over 100+ games after winning a World Series the previous year
Haven't won the World Series since 1954
Lost the World Series 4 times in 9 seasons
Have never made the World Series since the team moved to its current home in 1972
41 seasons, and 2 countries later, this team has still not made it to the World Series
Never had a winning season from 1993-2000
The first team to lose 10,000 games
Lost 119 games in 2003, the 2nd worst season in MLB history
The only team to never lead a single inning during an entire World Series
After winng the World Series, this team finished 51-111 3 years later, one of the ten worst records in history
Have never made the World Series in 33 years of existence
This team has not had a winning season since 1997
2 World Series appearances, going 1-8 in those games, in 41 years of existence
Made the playoffs 6 times in the 2000's with only 1 World Series appearance
The only team in MLB history to lose a 7 game series after leading 3-0
This 70's expansion team failed to win at least 70 games in its first 5 seasons
This NL team has not made the playoffs since 1995
This team went 86 years without a title. The drought was highlighted by an error from a 1st baseman
This NL team is 6-15 in World Series appearances
101 years and counting.....
Blew a 7 game division lead with only 17 games left

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