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Family for Sydney funnel web spider
Huntsmen spiders
Cellar spiders (aka daddy longlegs)
Non-tarantula spiders (infraorder) with 2 book lungs, tracheae, 6 spinnerets, diaxial fangs
The one family in Mesothelae
The family for North American tarantulas
Spitting spider family
Family for yellow sac spiders
Ray spiders (pull orb-web into cone to capture prey)
Wandering spiders - includes some very venomous spiders
Long-jawed spiders
Fishing spiders
Crab spiders
Lynx spiders (the ones with spikey legs)
Wolf spiders
The other crab spiders (the brown ones)
Social spiders; cribellate
Jumping spiders
Cribellate spiders with triangle web
Family with paradiaxial chelicerae
Sheet web weavers; also includes dwarf spiders
Funnel web (aka grass web) weavers
Haplogyne, diasxial chelicerae, 4 book lungs
Cobweb weavers
The group that contains Mygalymorphs and Araneomorphs
Tarantulas (infraorder)
Golden orb weavers
Trapdoor spiders (a family of Mygalomorphs)
Sac spiders (closely related to Clubionidae)
Ogre-faced spiders
Orb weavers (includes Bolas spiders, ladder web spiders)
Family for brown recluse
Suborder of Araneae with 7-8 spinnerets, 4 book lungs, segmented abdomen

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