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Huntsmen spiders
Crab spiders
The group that contains Mygalymorphs and Araneomorphs
The family for North American tarantulas
Non-tarantula spiders (infraorder) with 2 book lungs, tracheae, 6 spinnerets, diaxial fangs
Spitting spider family
Ogre-faced spiders
Ray spiders (pull orb-web into cone to capture prey)
Lynx spiders (the ones with spikey legs)
Wolf spiders
Long-jawed spiders
Cobweb weavers
Cribellate spiders with triangle web
Funnel web (aka grass web) weavers
Sheet web weavers; also includes dwarf spiders
Jumping spiders
Orb weavers (includes Bolas spiders, ladder web spiders)
Sac spiders (closely related to Clubionidae)
Family with paradiaxial chelicerae
Family for yellow sac spiders
The other crab spiders (the brown ones)
The one family in Mesothelae
Family for Sydney funnel web spider
Golden orb weavers
Fishing spiders
Suborder of Araneae with 7-8 spinnerets, 4 book lungs, segmented abdomen
Tarantulas (infraorder)
Cellar spiders (aka daddy longlegs)
Family for brown recluse
Social spiders; cribellate
Wandering spiders - includes some very venomous spiders
Haplogyne, diasxial chelicerae, 4 book lungs
Trapdoor spiders (a family of Mygalomorphs)

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