Important Terms of the U.S. 1920's

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Act that extended federal assistance to states that sought to reduce shockingly high infant mortality rates
Act that allowed police to close down bars and saloons and arrest those suspected of drinking
African American organization formed by W.E.B. Du Bois
Treaty introduced by Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes that committed Britain, France, Japan, Italy, and the United States to proportional reduction of naval forces
Woman's organization founded by Alice Paul that fought for the equal rights of women during the 1920's
Emergence of African American culture in a Manhattan neighborhood
Make of automobile Henry Ford began producing in the early 1900's; affordable, easy to drive, and simple to repair
Farmers' group whose members called for a 'holiday' from shipping crops in retaliation to Congress's refusal to raise prices of farmers' products
Method of buying on credit; putting a down payment on a product and paying the rest off in small amounts later on
Union under the Communist Party that supported a massive and violent coal mining strike in Harlan County, Kentucky
Woman of the 1920's characterized by short hair, lipstick, dresses with short skirts, bare arms, etc.
Nickname of African Americans that emerged and began challenging the traditional system that restrained them to the lowest level of society
Amendment that was turned down by Congress; attempt to eliminate distinguished rights between sexes
Created by the Agricultural Marketing Act; used $500 million budget to buy up agricultural surplus in hopes of raising prices
Policy in which some businesses began improving safety and sanitation in factories as well as instituting paid vacations and pension plans
African American organization formed by Marcus Garvey
Woman's organization that did not support the new amendment, which they believed would eliminate all previous laws made to protect working women
Federal agency empowered to lend government funds to endangered banks and corporations
Protective tariff established the highest rates on agricultural goods in history
Political party led by Norman Thomas; opposed racism and the sharecropping industry's treatment of African American workers
Nickname for shanty towns built by homeless people around the outer edges of cities during the Great Depression
Plan introduced by a group of bankers that halved Germany's annual payments to Allied countries and caused money to begin flowing into German markets again
Organization officially reborn in 1915 under William J. Simmons during the burning of the cross at Stone Mountain in Georgia
Location where Secretary of Interior Albert B. Fall leased government oil reserves to two men for $400,000
Term coined by Gertrude Stein to describe the generation of writers and artists that were lacking in the U.S. in the 1920's
Another name for the 18th Amendment that banned the buying, selling, and consumption of alcohol in the United States
Method of making products that increased productivity rates in the 1920's; 'assembly-line technique'
Shipping company launched by Marcus Garvey that shipped blacks back to Africa
Nickname for the evolution trial in Tennessee in 1925
Federation of labor unions that was slow to respond and did very little to help those in poor working conditions during the Great Depression; led by William Green
Act that restricted immigrant numbers to no more than 161,000 per year
Document signed by nearly 50 nations following World War I; renounced war and settled international disputes peacefully
Analysis of the lives of the 'average American' in Muncie, Indiana
Political party in the U.S. that gained nearly 100,000 members after the fall of Western capitalism; worked to save victims of the Great Depression

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