Important People of the U.S. 1920's

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Italian men who were arrested for murder and robbery in South Braintree, Massachusetts in 1920 and later executed; believed to be killed because they were immigrants and anarchists
Group of nine young black men who were arrested on rape charges in Alabama in 1931; lawyers sent by Communist Party saved them from the electric chair
Black painter who linked traditional African art to the concept of the New Negro
Teacher in Dayton, Tennessee who broke the state's Butler Act and taught students evolution theory in 1925; ultimately charged $100 fine
Reporter that worked for newspaper that covered the evolution trial, continuously showed hostile attitude Bryan
Lawyer who served as defense attorney in Tennessee evolution trial
Successful young black poet during the Harlem Renaissance
Wrote the Negro National Anthem ('Lift Every Voice') as well as wrote about the wisdom and beauty of Southern black folktales
Republican president elected in 1928 who supported laissez-faire economic policies and American individualism; commonly blamed for the stock market crash and Great Depression
Secretary of Treasury who reduced government control on economy and sliced tax revenue in half; lowered taxes for the wealthy
Authentic American hero who created and produced the first successful gasoline-driven automoblies using the assembly line; industry leader for most of the 20's
American writer who was best known for writing 'The Great Gatsby'
Republican who became president in 1923 and was reelected in 1924; continued to promote limited government in business affairs
Writer who explored complex passions of black people in Southern communities in 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'
Used topic of women's rights and equality to further promote birth control
Secretary of State under Calvin Coolidge who worked with French foreign minister Aristide Briand to create pledge that nearly 50 nations signed renouncing war
Jamaican who urged blacks to take pride in African culture; launched the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA); deported back to Jamaica in 1927 for illegal practices
Psychoanalyst who promoted 'pleasure without guilt'; became a household name in the 1920's
Democratic candidate during the Election of 1928; downfall was opposition to prohibition and Catholicism
First pilot to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean
Served as prosecutor in Tennessee evolution trial
Teenagers who intended on committing the 'perfect crime' in Chicago in 1924 when they killed Robert Franks and left his body in a drainage culvert
Gang lord with bootlegging empire in Chicago that grossed about $60 million/year; caused the St. Valentine's Day Massacre against rival Irish gang; imprisoned for tax evasion
First of three consecutive Republican presidents (elected in 1920); highly corrupt presidency, died of a heart attack in the summer of 1923
Founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Writer who coined the term 'The Lost Generation'
Secretary of Interior who accepted bribes of $400,000 for leasing government oil reserves in Teapot Dome, Wyoming
Leader of the Socialist Party who opposed sharecropping system and its treatment toward African Americans
Writer whose experience in World War I reflected on his writing style which mirrored basic reality; wrote 'The Sun Also Rises'

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