Chapter 29 - Vietnam and the Limits of Power

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Capital of North Vietnam
Secretary of Defense under Lyndon B. Johnson; openly against the war in Vietnam and resigned in 1968
Capital of South Vietnam
Pesticide used by the U.S. military in the Vietnam War; used to destroy the Vietcong's jungle hideouts and food supply in the South
President of South Vietnam; assassinated in November 1963
Attack launched by the North Vietnamese on the Lunar New Year; turning point in the Vietnam War
Structure built by East Germany in August 1961 dividing East Berlin and West Berlin
Communist leader of North Vietnam in the Vietnam War
Rebel army from South Vietnam who supported the Communist North Vietnam and fought on their side
Gelling agent generally mixed with petroleum in bombs during the Vietnam War; used to cause large fires and widespread destruction
National Security Advisor to President Richard Nixon
Renamed capital of South Vietnam
Politician who ran for the Democratic nomination in 1968 and lost; platform mainly consisted of opposition to the Vietnam War
Long-range missiles used to carry a nuclear warhead, supply built up during Kennedy's administration (ICBMs)
Village in Vietnam where more than 400 inhabitants were killed by U.S. Lieutenant William Calley and his unit; later tried and only Calley was convicted
Nationalist army in North Vietnam that originally fought against the French colonials until they were forced to leave the area
University in Ohio where a riot against the Vietnam War broke out and four were killed and nine wounded after the National Guard shot into the crowd of protestors
Ran in the Election of 1968 as a third party candidate under the American Independent Party; Alabama governor
General in command of U.S. forces throughout the Vietnam War
Incident off the coast of North Vietnam that led President Johnson to escalate the Vietnam War
Johnson's plan to bombard North Vietnam with aerial attacks for the U.S.'s first three years in the Vietnam War
Network of infiltration routes in which North Vietnam sent people and supplies to the South; extended through Laos and Cambodia
Republican winner of the Election of 1968
College in Mississippi where police shot and killed two black students during a protest against the Vietnam War
Lyndon B. Johnson's Vice President; won the Democratic nomination in 1968
Secret government documents concerning the Vietnam War that were released to the New York Times and created a negative and distrusting feeling about the government
Released the secret government documents to the New York Times
Main anti-war group during the Vietnam War that protested in Washington, D.C. and college campuses across the nation
New York Senator and favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the Election of 1968 following Johnson's self-removal; assassinated in June 1968 by Arab who opposed his support

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