Chapter 27 - The Politics and Culture of Abundance

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Secretary of State under Dwight D. Eisenhower who openly opposed and denounced the containment policy
Builder who modified the factory assembly-line process and contributed to the development and growth of suburbs
Writer who uncovered a surprising range of sexual conduct in males and females
Feminist and writer of 'The Feminine Mystique'
Wide-angle lens developed by 20th Century-Fox in 1953 and used to shoot most movies during the later 1950s
Nickname for the verbal fight over government styles between Vice President Richard Nixon and the Soviet Premier at the American National Exhibition in Moscow in 1959
Pilot of the CIA's U-2 spy plane that was shot down by the Soviet Union and led to the calling off of the summit between the two countries
Soviet premier who replaced Joseph Stalin
U.S.-supported Cuban dictator who ruled Cuba prior to the Communist uprising in 1959
Eisenhower's foreign policy that put a strong emphasis on the strength of nuclear weapons and the need to spend money on supplying friendly nations with their own nuclear arsenals
Vietnamese nationalist who fought off the French colonials after World War II and later formed and led a Communist government in North Vietnam
Term coined by President Eisenhower that described the gradual move toward socialism as far as the government contributing to big business
The extreme buildup of nuclear weapons between the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War; understanding that any threat of aggression would be met with massive retaliation
The act of taking an issue between two countries almost to the 'brink of war'
Act that authorized the construction of a national highway system with the federal government paying most of the costs through increased fuel and vehicle taxes
Southern and Southwestern areas of the United States that grew tremendously in industry, population, and influence after World War II
Small group of writers who celebrated spontaneity and absolute personal freedom and showed it in their work
Reformist president of Guatemala who nationalized land owned by the United Fruit Company; overthrown by an opposition army that was organized and fueled by the CIA
Communist leader of Cuba who took over following an uprising in 1959 and was supported financially by the Soviet Union
Treaty signed between the United States, Britain, France, and a few countries in Asia (SEATO)
The first suburban development on Long Island, New York where 17,000 mass-produced houses sat in rows and like 'cookie cutters'
Safe houses that most Americans were recommended to build in the event of a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union
Drills practiced by American school children in the event of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union
The first artificial satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union
A word describing operations taken out and executed secretly without the knowing of the other party
Truce signed that officially partitioned Vietnam at the 17th parallel and separated the Vietminh in the North from the democratic Vietnamese government in the South
Leader of Egypt who seized the Suez Canal and gained support from Communist countries such as China
The first South Vietnamese president, supported by the United States
Household product whose industry boomed in the 1950s
Post-World War II prosperity that allowed people to marry earlier and have children; led to an increasing birthrate over a 20-year period

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