Nintendo Characters' Professions

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Can you name the Nintendo characters by their profession?

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Donkey KongScientist (DK 64)
Donkey KongKremlin Leader
Donkey KongInstrument Salesperson (DK 64)
F-ZeroRacer/Bounty Hunter
KirbyHero of Planet Popstar
KirbyMonarch of Dream Land
Legend of ZeldaFather of the Forest
Legend of ZeldaGerudo King
Legend of ZeldaPrincess of Hyrule
Legend of ZeldaThe Hero of Time
Legend of ZeldaCartographer
MarioPrincess of Mushroom Kingdom
MarioPrincess of Sarasaland
MarioKing of the Koopas
MarioGhost Hunter
MarioOverseer of the Comet Observatory
MarioLoyal Servant
MetroidBounty Hunter
MetroidSpace Pirate Commander
PokemonProfessor and Inventor
PokemonTeam of Thieves
Star FoxLeader of the Star Fox Team
Star FoxExpert Pilot
Star FoxGeneral of the Cornerian Army
Star FoxInventor
Star FoxLeader of the Star Wolf Team
Star FoxMad Scientist and One-Time Emperor of the Lylat System

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