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Can you name the presidents with their consonants removed?

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NamePresidentLetters in last name
ae ooe6
aa ao6
oa eeo9
o e5
i eieoe10
ee a au6
ai ooee9
ae oo7
ee ooe6
eoe ee ae u4
ai a ue5
iia oa a4
ai iee6
oa eaa6
eai aio8
ueo ae5
i ae6
ae uaa8
ai ooie8
eoe aio10
ooo io6
aa oaa5
NamePresidentLetters in last name
eoe ae u4
a ua6
ae o4
ae aio7
o ee7
eooe ooee9
o aa5
ue a5
ae ao7
ea o4
ae ai7
iia e aio8
aaa io7
o ui aa5
i io7
o oo7
oe eea9
ia io5
iia ie8
ia ioe8
ae aie8

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