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*Main character, wakes up from hospital. *
__,tock. __, tock
Push into cork to keep papers up.
Shelves, coat __.
Pebble, boulder.
Article of clothing you put on your foot.
Bag, chicken feed __.
Ill, not feeling well.
Choose, take, __ apples.
To touch with tongue.
Head __, infests hair.
Lemon; __, sour fruit.
People waiting for something in a __.
By yourself, The __ Ranger.
Folk __, stories.
* Main character's wife. *
__ of the Rings, leader of a country.
Telephone __, wire.
Put __ into a bottle to stop it from escaping.
To get a gun ready to fire.
To copy someone.
Boating __, put a ship into the harbor.
Pad___, keep so it will stay shut.
Not having, __s confidence.
Shoe__, tie your shoe with it.
__ Windu, a spiked ball with a wooden handle
Boy, guy.
* Person who gets ripped open by a walker and shot by Shane in the episode before the last in Season 2. *
To challenge someone, Truth or __.
No light is visible.
Mellow __, a bird.
Writing on a piece of paper, __ Sanchez.
Quik-e-__, mini__.
A shopping utensil that you use to hold things.
* The main character's son. *
A type of fish.
Something that cover things outdoors.
An instrument that plays music by only plucking strings and is very large.
Time __, to go to one place from another instantly.
Frogs and toads have these, something that is ugly and grows on skin.
A little sour, puckery, a breakfast food.
Some of a whole, a little bit.
Where ships come in and out.
To organize, none of the __.
Hurt, tenderized.
Had, Frodo __ the Ring.
Empty, gone.
To take away, to reduce the intensity of.
Water used to clean yourself, water in a tub.
* Blonde haired girl from Hershel's farm that survives Season 2.

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