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article/topiclanguage editionsize in bytes
‎List of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition monsters393,381
List of 'Jägers'/K *228,346
Scorpions (band)380,333
History of Europe179,955
China at the 2008 Summer Olympics276,130
United States164,326
Frederick the Great486,994
Russian Empire167,154
List of ISO 639-3 codes183,476
Kingdom of Italy (medieval)597,916
List of historic monuments in Romania/Bucharest *632,664
History of Australia429,999
List of nuclear reactors206,473
Political science of religion509,556
Departments of Bolivia66,759
List of spiders S-Z *587,117
Finnish grammar535,337
article/topiclanguage editionsize in bytes
List of cities and villages in the counties Mamasani to Farashband in Fars Province *460,640
List of birds545,426
Toponyms in Karagandy Province (?) *200,330
List of flying aces (?) *385,859
Norwegian biographical encyclopedia/articles *1,040,645
Protected monuments in Guldborgsund Municipality *462,796
History of the Serbs before Nemanja *278,198
General genealogy of the Capetian dynasty *°734,640
List of Senecio species295,588
Pogorilivka (Zastavna) *413,524
General genealogy of the Capetian dynasty *°732,447
List of municipalities and towns in Slovakia295,340
Winners of the Stalin Prize for outstanding inventions and radical improvement of methods of production work *888,241
List of Chinese inventions294,842
Timeline of the 2011 Egyptian revolution under Supreme Council of the Armed Forces334,854
2011 World Men's Handball Championship squads676,561
List of arcade games194,550
Lee Myung-bak government317,420
List of Inazuma Eleven characters296,314

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