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Frozen Apples
Black Beauty
A really handsome bloke sprinted past me,
I rang up the local ramblers club
Exit Signs
I don't do Spanish jokes!
So I saw this Mallard eating a burger,
I used to go out with a bouncy ball
So the doctor told me 'You've got Hypochondria.'
I fell in love with a clumsy cleaner
I came here on a sheet of sandpaper
I was going to write my will
I'll tell you what often gets overlooked...
I'm scared of cattle
I've got a sponge front door
Joke StartPunchline
I don't swear
I've got a christian mobile,
History, history, history.
I entered a competition putting boats in sails,
You invented tippex!
I refuse to work in a coal mine,
So I said to this barman,, 'I'd like some whiskey', he said 'On the rocks?'
He said, Do you like it neat?
He gave me a pint of gravel, I said, What's that?
So I went to the doctors and said, I've got a rash.
I told my mum to buy some japanese food,
I cut a sheep's wool by accident,
I met a fox that was brilliant at soccer.

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