Twilight Characters by Actors/Actress A-Z

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Actor/ActressCharacterFirst Appearance
Alex MerazNew Moon
Alex RiceEclipse
Ali FaulknerBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Amadou LyBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Andrea GabrielBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Angela SarafyanBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Angelo RenaiBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Anna KendrickTwilight
Ashley GreeneTwilight
Ayanna BerkshireTwilight
Bill TangradiBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Billy BurkeTwilight
Booboo StewartEclipse
Brayden JimmieBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Bronson PelletierNew Moon
Bryce Dallas HowardEclipse
Byron Chief MoonEclipse
Caitlin Mooney-FuBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Cam GigandetTwilight
Catalina Sandino MorenoEclipse
Cameron BrightNew Moon
Casey LaBowBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Charlie BewleyNew Moon
Chaske SpencerNew Moon
Christian CamargoBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Christian SerratosTwilight
Christina JastrzembskaNew Moon
Christopher HeyerdahlNew Moon
Dakota FanningNew Moon
Daniel CudmoreNew Moon
Edi GathegiTwilight
Actor/ActressCharacterFirst Appearance
Elizabeth ReaserTwilight
Erik OdomBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Gil BirminghamTwilight
Graham GreeneNew Moon
Gregory Tyree BoyceTwilight
Guri WeinbergBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Jaime Campbell BowerNew Moon
Jack HustonEclipse
Jackson RathboneTwilight
Janelle FroehlichBreaking Dawn: Part 2
JD PardoBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Jodelle FerlandEclipse
Joe AndersonBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Jose ZunigaTwilight
Judith ShekoniBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Julia JonesEclipse
Justin ChonTwilight
Justine WachsbergerNew Moon
Kellan LutzTwilight
Kiowa GordonNew Moon
Kirsten ProutEclipse
Kristen StewartTwilight
Lateef CrowderBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Leah GibsonEclipse
Lee PaceBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Lisa HowardBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Mackenzie FoyBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Maggie GraceBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Mariel BelangerEclipse
Marisa QuinnBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Marlene BarnesBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Actor/ActressCharacterFirst Appearance
Matt BushellTwilight
Mia MaestroBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Michael SheenNew Moon
Michael WelchTwilight
MyAnna BuringBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Ned BellamyTwilight
Nikki ReedTwilight
Noel FisherBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Noot SearNew Moon
Omar MetwallyBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Patrick BrennanBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Peter FacinelliTwilight
Rachelle LafevreTwilight
Rami MalekBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Rick MoraEclipse
Robert PattinsonTwilight
Russell RobertsNew Moon
Sarah ClarkeTwilight
Sienna JosephBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Swo-wo GabrielBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Tanaya BeattyBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Taylor LautnerTwilight
Tinsel KoreyNew Moon
Toni TrucksBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Tracey HegginsBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Trish EganTwilight
Ty OlssonBreaking Dawn: Part 1
Tyson HousemanNew Moon
Valorie CurryBreaking Dawn: Part 2
Xavier SamuelEclipse

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