Breaking Dawn: Part 2 NEW Actors

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Can you name the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 NEW Actors?

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Judith ShekoniAmazon
Tracey HegginsAmazon
Valorie CurryAmerican Nomad
Erik OdomAmerican Nomad
Bill TangradiAmerican Nomad
Toni TucksAmerican Nomad
Rami MalekEgyptian
Omar MetwallyEgyptian
Angela SarafyanEgyptian
Andrea GabrielEgyptian
Joe AndersonEuropean Nomad
Amadou LyFrench (film only)
Janelle FroehlichFrench (film only)
Lisa HowardIrish
Patrick BrennanIrish
Marlene BarnesIrish
Guri WeinbergRomanian
Noel FisherRomanian
JD PardoSouth American Nomad
Marisa QuinnSouth American Nomad
Lateef CrowderThe Volturi Guard

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