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topicsChapter #
Parables: sower, weeds, mustard seed and yeast, hidden treasure and pearl, the net
Discourse #1, Beatitudes, salt & light, fulfillment of the law, murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, love you enemies
Jesus heals a paralytic, calls Matthew, raises Jairus daughter and the sick woman. The workers are few.
Discourse #2, Jesus sends out the 12
Discourse #3
genealogy and birth of Jesus
John the Baptizer and baptism of Jesus
7 woes
Judas hangs himself, Jesus before Pilate, crucifixion, death
sermon on the Mount
man w/leprosy and the faith of the centurion, Jesus calms the storm and heals the two demon possessed men
demand for a sign, Peter's confession and Jesus predicts his own death
Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath, Beelzebub, sign of Jonah
parable of wedding banquet, pay taxes..., marriage in heaven (7 bros.) the greatest comm.
Doubt of John the Baptizer, Jesus warns Korazin and Bethsaida, 'come unto me all who are weary...'
parable of workers in the vineyard, Jesus predicts his death, 2 blind men
topicsChapter #
signs of end times
plot against Jesus, anointing in Bethany, Lord's Supper, Gethsemane, arrest
judge not, ask-seek-knock, narrow gate, house on a rock
temptation of Jesus, calling of 1st disciples
visit of the Magi, escape to Egypt and return to Nazareth
divorce, the rich young man
transfiguration, healing of demon possessed boy, temple tax
parables of 10 virgins, talents, sheep and goats
don't act like a hypocrite, prayer, fasting, treasures in heaven, do not worry about tomorrow
Discourse #4. Who is the greatest? parable of lost sheep, a brother who sins against you, parable of unmerciful servant
John the Baptizer is beheaded, feeding of 5000, walking on water
clean and unclean, faith of Canaanite woman, feeding of 4000
Discourse #5, or Olivet discourse
resurrection, great commission
Hosanna, cleansing the temple, fig tree withers, parable of 2 sons and of the tenants

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