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topicsChapter #
the Servant's call
fall of Babylon predicted
Isaiah's commission
'for unto us a child is born'
the branch of the Lord
come all you who are thirsty
historical narrative-from the Assyrian threat to the Babylonian exile (predicted) (4 chs)
branch and root of Jesse
comfort, comfort my people
Isaiah predicts the future discipline and glory of Judah and Jerusalem (clue: 3 chs)
which chapters of Isaiah can be called the 'book of Judgements'
Isaiah's son
judgement and promise (4 chs)
8 chs of prophesies about deliverance and restoration of Israel
future glory of Zion
sign of Emmanuel
topicsChapter #
the Servant's obedience
11 chs concerning the everlasting deliverance & judgement
six woes: 5 on Israel and 1 on Assyria (6 chs)
more prophesies of judgement and promise (2 chs)
Song of the vineyard
Judgement against Israel and Assyria (2 chs)
the suffering Servant
the servant of the Lord
Song of Praise
prophecy of the coming of Cyrus
9 chs dealing with the call of God's Servant, his ministry and Israel's restoration
which chapters of Isaiah can be called the 'book of comfort'
prophecies of judgement against the nations (11 chs)
3 chs about the promise of salvation & the cup of the Lord's wrath
charges against Judah for breaking the covenant
the helper of Israel

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