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What is Matts surname?
what number does Isaac have on his lacrosse bib?
who is Scotts boss?
who was the Kanima and who was their master?
What was the name of Isaacs older brother who was killed in action?
what language was Gerards beastiary written in?
what is the name of the French teacher/guidance counsellor at Beacon hills high?
what are the names of the Alpha twins?
Name the members of Dereks family (excluding Derek) which we have met so far?
what was the name of the hunter killed by the Kanima?
Who was Jacksons best friend?
What is the name of the English teacher who Derek fancies at Beacon hills high?
what is the name of the leader of the alpha pack?
who burnt down Dereks house?
what is Lydias IQ?
What subject does Mr Harris teach?
what was the name Stiles's childhood friend who was killed by the Darach?
what does Lydia spike the punch with at her party which causes hallucinations?
what was the Einstein quote on the car bumper sticker in season 2?
What is Lydias dog called?
what other subject apart from PE does the coach teach at beacon hills high?
what do the words Druid and Darach mean
who is coaches least favorite character
Who is Melissa Mccalls first date after her and Scotts dad split up?
what was the name of Kyles dog?

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