Israeli Founding Fathers

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Dates of Birth and DeathSignerAdditional Information
1886-1973First Prime Minister
1893-1962First Jewish Mayor of Jerusalem
1884-1963President from 1952-1963
1900-1985Leader of Hashomer Hatzair youth movement
1866-1959Progressive Party founder
1890-1971Editor of HaBoker newspaper
1888-1982Chair of the Women's International Zionist Organization
1898-1976Head of Keren Hayesod fund
1875-1962Head of the Israeli branch of Mizrachi
1889-1956Organizer of Mizrachi chapters in the US
1905-1963Jewish Brigade soldier in Italy
1890-1962Director-General of the Jewish National Fund
1879-1970First Interior Minister of Israel
1910-1991President of Agudat Yisrael Workers
1891-1952First Finance Minister of Israel
1888-1956Israeli envoy to Scandinavia
1904-1990Leader of the Yemenite Association
1911-1989Head of Youth Aliyah Department of the Jewish Agency
1893-1971Member of the Polish Parliament
Dates of Birth and DeathSignerAdditional Information
1904-1995Head of the Committee for Spiritual Salvation
1906-1968Representative of Mapam at the Jewish Agency
1898-1978First Female Prime Minister of Israel
1884-1968Head of Polish Waiters' Union
1895-1952Founder of Yeshuran movement
1887-1978First Justice Minister of Israel
1886-1951Chair of the Jewish National Council
1902-1989Secretary of Histadrut's Labor Exchange program
1901-1965Vice President of Revisionist movement
1904-1964Founder of Yad Vashem
1894-1962First to give a Hebrew speech to Gentiles
1895-1967Only native-born signer
1902-1970Head of the Jewish Agency's Aliyah department
1894-1965Second Prime Minister of Israel
1903-1991Founder of Yedioth Maariv newspaper
1918-2003Leader of Israeli Communists
1906-2002Founder of Bar-Ilan University
1901-1964Founder of Ahdut HaAvoda

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