Monarchs of Westeros

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Can you name the Monarchs of Westeros?

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Years on ThroneMonarchHouse
1AL - 37ALTargaryen
37AL - 42ALTargaryen
42AL - 48ALTargaryen
48AL - 103ALTargaryen
103AL - 129ALTargaryen
129AL - 131ALTargaryen
131AL - 157ALTargaryen
157AL - 161ALTargaryen
161AL - 171ALTargaryen
171AL - 172ALTargaryen
Years on ThroneMonarchHouse
172AL - 184ALTargaryen
184AL - 209ALTargaryen
209AL - 221ALTargaryen
221AL - 233ALTargaryen
233AL - 259ALTargaryen
259AL - 262ALTargaryen
262AL - 283ALTargaryen
283AL - 298ALBaratheon
298AL - 300ALBaratheon (Lannister)
300AL -Baratheon (Lannister)

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