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Can you name the Leader of These NFL Head-to-Head Matchups?

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MatchupTeam with More WinsWins Margin
Titans vs. Seahawks9-5
Titans vs. Lions8-3
Jaguars vs. Panthers3-2
Texans vs. Ravens5-1
Jaguars vs. 49ers2-1
Colts vs. Broncos11-8
Texans vs. Packers2-1
Jaguars vs. Cardinals2-1
Jaguars vs. Titans19-15
Colts vs. Patriots44-28
Titans vs. Dolphins18-14
Colts vs. Steelers14-6
Titans vs. Bears6-5
Jaguars vs. Lions3-2
Texans vs. Falcons2-1
Titans vs. Texans14-7
Colts vs. Falcons13-2
Colts vs. Bears22-19
Texans vs. Patriots2-1
Jaguars vs. Seahawks4-2
Jaguars vs. Eagles3-1
Titans vs. Rams6-4
Colts vs. Bills35-30-1
Titans vs. Browns33-28
Colts vs. Chargers15-9
Jaguars vs. Steelers11-10
Colts vs. Raiders7-5
Jaguars vs. Patriots5-0
Colts vs. Bengals16-9
Jaguars vs. Raiders4-2
Texans vs. Chiefs3-2
Jaguars vs. Rams2-1
Colts vs. Eagles10-7
Colts vs. Texans17-3
Titans vs. Falcons7-6
Titans vs. Bills27-14
Texans vs. Giants2-1
Colts vs. Giants8-6
MatchupTeam with More WinsWins Margin
Texans vs. Titans14-7
Texans vs. Panthers2-1
Colts vs. Seahawks6-4
Colts vs. Ravens7-3
Titans vs. Ravens9-8
Jaguars vs. Browns9-5
Titans vs. Packers6-4
Titans vs. Chargers25-13-1
Titans vs. Buccaneers8-2
Titans vs. Steelers41-30
Titans vs. Jaguars19-15
Texans vs. Vikings2-0
Jaguars vs. Cowboys3-2
Texans vs. Chargers4-0
Colts vs. Cowboys9-5
Texans vs. Bears2-0
Colts vs. Rams23-17-2
Titans vs. Jets21-17-1
Titans vs. Chiefs26-20
Titans vs. Eagles6-4
Colts vs. Buccaneers7-5
Jaguars vs. Texans12-9
Jaguars vs. Chiefs6-3
Titans vs. Vikings8-4
Texans vs. Eagles3-0
Colts vs. Browns14-13
Texans vs. Dolphins7-0
Jaguars vs. Bears4-2
Colts vs. Jets40-27
Titans vs. Saints7-5-1
Jaguars vs. Saints3-2
Jaguars vs. Colts16-8
Texans vs. Cowboys2-1
Colts vs. Packers21-20-1
Colts vs. Redskins19-10
Texans vs. Saints2-1
Colts vs. Saints6-5
Colts vs. Titans22-13
MatchupTeam with More WinsWins Margin
Texans vs. Jets5-1
Colts vs. Jaguars16-8
Colts vs. Panthers4-1
Texans vs. Buccaneers2-1
Jaguars vs. Falcons3-2
Jaguars vs. Packers3-2
Colts vs. Dolphins44-25
Jaguars vs. Chargers3-2
Jaguars vs. Bengals11-8
Jaguars vs. Giants3-2
Jaguars vs. Jets6-3
Texans vs. Raiders5-2
Colts vs. Lions20-18-2
Texans vs. Colts17-3
Jaguars vs. Redskins4-1
Titans vs. Patriots22-15-1
Jaguars vs. Ravens10-7
Colts vs. Vikings15-7-1
Jaguars vs. Buccaneers4-1
Titans vs. Cardinals5-4
Titans vs. Cowboys7-6
Jaguars vs. Vikings4-1
Colts vs. Cardinals8-6
Colts vs. 49ers24-18
Texans vs. Redskins2-1
Titans vs. Broncos21-14-1
Titans vs. Colts22-13
Texans vs. Browns4-3
Titans vs. 49ers7-5
Texans vs. Jaguars12-9
Colts vs. Chiefs10-8
Titans vs. Raiders23-19
Titans vs. Redskins6-5
Jaguars vs. Broncos5-3
Titans vs. Bengals39-32-1
Titans vs. Panthers3-1

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