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Mathematical words
The angle formed outside a polygon when one side is extended
An angle measuring 90 degrees
A striaght line passing through the centre of a circle and touching both sides of the circumference
Any angle between 180 and 360
Polygon with 4 sides
Distance from the centre of a circle to its circumference
Straight line joining two points on the circumference of a circle
The distance around a circle
Sides or angles that are next to each other
A polygon with 6 sides
A number less than zero
Having the same shape and size
Instrument used to measure angles
Reflection, Translation, Rotation or Enlargement
Amount of space occupied by a 3D object
Ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
Longest side on a right angled triangle
A set of numbers arranged according to a rule
Patterns of shapes that fit together without any gaps
Lines that are the same distance apart
A triangle with 3 equal sides and angles
A unit for measuring the size of angles
A quadrilateral with opposite sides that are parallel
A polygon with 5 sides
An angle within a polygon
Mathematical words
Flat shape which can be folded up into a 3D shape
Section of a curve, part of a circle
At right angles to the horizon
The horizontal axis of a graph
Linear graph
A solid shape that has 6 square sides
Theorem about the right angled triangle
Unit equal to one hundreth of a metre
A polygon with 7 sides
Parallelogram with four equal sides and equal opposite angles
Distance around the outside of a shape
A plane shape having 3 or more straight sides
A mathematical rule written using symbols
An angle measuring less than 90 degrees
Triangle in which all three sides are a different length
mathematical statement containing an equals sign to show that two expressions are equal
Any angle between 90 and 180
Any angle that equals 180 degree
Flat surface of a 3D shape
Not equal in size amount or value
Triangle with two equal sides and two equal angles
A polygon with 8 sides
Split a line or angle in half
Measured in square units
A mirror view

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