Greece & Persia 546-449

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Can you name the Key dates and events in Greece and Persia, 499-449?

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Ionian's submission to Persia
Cleomenes' first invasion of Attica
Cleisthenes introduces democracy to Athens
Athens allies with Persia.
Ionian Revolt (start)
Ionian Revolt (end)
Battle of Lade
Battle of Sepia
Mardonius' expedition to Greece
Battle of Marathon
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Death of Darius the Great
Foundation of Hellenic League
Battles of Thermopylae, Artemisium and Salamis
Battles of Plataea and Mycale
Foundation of Delian League
Thasos revolts from Delian League
Earthquake at Sparta followed by Helot revolt
Athenian expeditions to Egypt and Cyprus
Sparta defeats Athens at the battle of Tanagra
Athens and Persia sign the Peace of Kallias

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