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The Indus river valley civilization was located around present day Egypt.
Australopithecus was the first type of hominid
Mesopotamia was located near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers
The fighting formation of the Greeks was called the baylenx
Homer wrote the epic poems Beowulf and Odyssey
Spartan women received far fewer privileges than Athenian women
The Persepolis was a complex of buildings in Persia ordered to be build by King Darius I
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Zoroastrianism was a Persian religion that emphasized truth-telling, purity and reverence for nature
Alexander the great eventually became the pharaoh of Egypt
Roman law was summed up in a constitution called the ten tables
Caesar grew up and lived in a partly Jewish neighborhood
Jesus was Christian
Siddhartha Gautama is considered the founder of Buddhism
The five pillars of Islam are Shahda, Salat, Mahadda, Swat, and Halat

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