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Can you name the TV shows that became Movies by the Actors in each?

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TV & movie actorsTV show & movie title
Buddy Ebsen, Jim Varney
David Doyle, Bill Murray
Don Adams, Steve Carell
Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum
Ray Walston, Christopher Lloyd
Michael Cole, Giovanni Ribisi
James Garner, Mel Gibson
Jack Webb, Dan Aykroyd
Diana Rigg, Uma Thurman
*Janet Waldo, Rachel Leigh Cook
*Bill Scott, Brendan Fraser
John Astin, Raul Julia
Peter Graves, Tom Cruise
Robert Stack, Kevin Costner
*Don Adams, Matthew Broderick
Adam West, Michael Keaton
Jackie Gleason, Cedric the Entertainer
Richard Roundtree, Samuel L Jackson
TV & movie actorsTV show & movie title
*Jim Backus, Leslie Nielsen
David Soul, Owen Wilson
Robert Reed, Gary Cole
*Lorenzo Music, *Bill Murray
David Janssen, Harrison Ford
Ernest Borgnine, Tom Arnold
*Alan Reed, John Goodman
Roger Moore, Val Kilmer
Elizabeth Montgomery, Nicole Kidman
George Peppard, Liam Neeson
Philip Michael Thomas, Jamie Foxx
Robert Conrad, Will Smith
*Jack Mercer, Robin Williams
Tom Wopat, Johnny Knoxville
June Lockhart, Mimi Rogers
Rod Serling, Dan Aykroyd
Bill Cosby, Owen Wilson

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