Speed Poker: 30 Hands in 30 Seconds

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Choose the better poker hand from either Column A or Column B (enter A or B).

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How to Play
Column AA or B?Column B
Three of a KindStraight
StraightOne Pair
Full HouseStraight
High Card Three of a Kind
Full HouseTwo Pair
Straight Two Pair
Four of a Kind One Pair
Four of a KindFull House
Two Pair Full House
Three of a Kind Four of a Kind
FlushFour of a Kind
One Pair Three of a Kind
Straight Full House
Column AA or B?Column B
Straight FlushFour of a Kind
High CardOne Pair
One Pair Straight
One PairHigh Card
Straight Flush High Card
Flush Full House
One PairFlush
Two PairFull House
High CardFlush
Two PairOne Pair
Two Pair Three of a Kind
Straight FlushThree of a Kind
Full House Straight Flush
Four of a KindStraight Flush
Three of a KindTwo Pair

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