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cluefruity answer
A popular condiment for chips, burgers, hotdogs e.t.c
A song by Prince
A John Steinbeck novel later made into a 1940 film
A famous blue cartoon canine
When something has gone wrong or produced undesired results it has said to have gone ______
Hair colour similar to ginger
An English female Pop group with hits such as 'young at heart'
Saturated calcium hydroxide
cluefruity answer
A famous Anthony Burgess novel later made into a film
A more common name for the Laryngeal Prominence. (males might be more likely to know)
A Roald Dahl novel made into an animated film
An arrangement between two people who have never seen each other before
Shelbyville stole this from Springfield in a particular episode of the simpsons
Dessert served on christmas day
To choose something very carefully

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