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Can you name the food that is a part of the term, expression, or saying?

Updated Nov 22, 2015

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ExpressionFoodWhat it Means
Couch ____One who likes to sit for long periods, usually watching TV.
Just my cup of ____Just what I like.
As easy as ____Something that is very easy to do.
An ____ a day keeps the doctor awayIf you eat & live healthily, hopefully you won't get sick.
Spill the ____Divulge a secret.
Too many cooks spoil the ____Too many people involved in one project can cause problems.
As thick as ____ soupVery thick, especially said of fog
Cool as a ____Said of someone who is very poised and unflappable.
____ of the cropThe very best of a group.
It's a piece of ____Something that is very simple or easily done
Have bigger ____ to fryHave more important things to deal with
You can lead a horse to ____ but you can't make him drinkYou can give someone an opportunity, but you can't force them into it.
That's the way the ____ crumblesThat's life; that's just the way things go
Like two ____ in a podExtremely alike
Take it with a grain of ____View something lightly or with skepticism & not seriously.
Don't put all your ____ in one basketDon't dedicate all your effort to one thing; keep your options open.
You can catch more flies with ____ than with vinegarYou'll get better results by being nice.
It's the greatest thing since sliced ____A way of praising a new invention or development
It's no use crying over spilt ____Don't fret over something that's already happened.
____ up (someone)Flatter someone
You can't make an ____ without breaking a few eggsIn order to accomplish something important, expect some difficulties.
It's as easy as taking ____ from a babyVery easy
When life gives you lemons, make ____Make the best of a situation
Bring home the ____Bring home money from a job; to do something successfully
Like comparing apples and ____Items compared are not in any way alike
The ____ on the cakeSomething additional that makes a situation even better
Flat as a ____Extremely flat
In a ___shellIn a few words; concise

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