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ExpressionFoodWhat it Means
Too many cooks spoil the ____.Too many people involved in one project can cause problems.
Upset the ____ cart.To ruin a plan or event; cause disorder.
Go back to the ____ mines.Get back to work after a break.
As thick as ____ soupVery thick, especially said of fog
As different as chalk and ____Two things or people that are extremely different.
As easy as ____Something that is very easy to do.
Cool as a ____Said of someone who is very poised and unflappable.
Top ____The head person of a group; or leading comedian.
Couch ____One who likes to sit for long periods, usually watching TV.
____ of the cropThe very best of a group.
Just my cup of ____Just what I like.
Make _______ out of someoneTo beat someone up or to treat them roughly.
____ of human kindnessCare, kindness, and compassion for others
Cut the ____Able to fulfill requirements; good enough
____ on your faceTo look or be embarrassed or foolish
Spill the ____Divulge a secret.
Sell like _____Sell well; be in great demand
One man's ___ is another man's poison.What one person likes, another may hate.
That's the way the ____ crumbles.That's life; that's just the way things go
Like two ____ in a pod.Extremely alike
Take it with a grain of ____.View something lightly or with skepticism & not seriously.
An ____ a day keeps the doctor away.If you eat & live healthily, hopefully you won't get sick.
Don't put all your ____ in one basket.Don't dedicate all your effort to one thing; keep your options open.
You can catch more flies with ____ than with vinegar.You'll get better results by being nice.
Big ____Most important person in a group
ExpressionFoodWhat it Means
Life is just a bowl of _____.Life is pleasant and going well.
It's the greatest thing since sliced ____.A way of praising a new invention or development
It's no use crying over spilt ____.Don't fret over something that's already happened & can't be changed.
Have your ____ and eat it too.Have it both ways
____ up (someone)Flatter someone
Working for _____Getting paid very little
You can't make an ____ without breaking a few eggs.In order to accomplish something important, you have to expect some difficulties.
It's as easy as taking ____ from a baby.Very easy
In a ___shellIn a few words; concise
When life gives you lemons, make ____.Make the best of a situation
As slow as ____.Very slow
____ of my eyeSomeone dearly cherished, usually above all others
Bring home the ____.Bring home money from a job; or to do something successfully
You can lead a horse to ____ but you can't make him drink.You can give someone an opportunity to do something, but you can't force them to do it.
Everything from ____ to nuts.From beginning to end; completely
Like comparing apples and ____Items compared are not in any way alike
Rub ____ in the wound.To make a bad experience even more painful
On the ____ trainTo have it easy; having a source of income requiring little effort.
In a ____To be in a difficult situation
The ____ on the cakeSomething additional that makes a situation even better
Nutty as a _____Insane; odd; eccentric
Flat as a ____Extremely flat
It's a piece of ____Something that is very simple or easily done
____coatTo cause a harsh reality to seem more pleasant
Have bigger ____ to fryHave more important things to deal with

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