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ExpressionAnimalWhat It Means
Curiousity killed the ___Being too curious or nosy can get you into trouble
Like a ___ out of waterOut of place; awkwardly out of one's element
Proud as a ___Having a high opinion of oneself
Take the ___ by the tailGrasp a very difficult or dangerous problem
More fun than a barrel of ___Very fun
Put all your ___ in a rowGet organized and ready
___ outNot do something because of fear
I smell a ___To suspect that something is wrong
Like a ___ in a china shopClumsy or out of place
Till the ___ come homeFor a long time
Kneehigh to a ___Very small; when someone was young
___ in your bonnetObsessed or agitated about something and won't let it go
The ___ in the roomA truth known by people, but it is being ignored or unaddressed
Let sleeping ___ lieDo not stir up trouble; do not provoke an argument
Get his ___Irritate someone
Wouldn't hurt a ___Wouldn't harm anything
Your ___ is cookedYou're in big trouble; imminent downfall
The world is my ___The world is yours to enjoy, to go anywhere and do anything
Watching like a ___Watching closely and intensely
ExpressionAnimalWhat It Means
Happy as a ___Very happy
___ in the stomachFluttery feeling due to nervousness or anxiety
Mad as a wet ___Extremely angry
A ___ in the hand is worth two in the bushIt is better to have something that is certain than to take a risk to get more.
You can't make a silk purse out of a ___'s earYou can't make something good out of something with no value
Don't look a gift ___ in the mouthAccept a gift graciously; don't complain about it
Eating ___Humiliation by admitting wrongness
Book___Someone who reads all the time
Dust ___Clump of dust under furniture
Snug as a ___ in a rugCozy and comfortable
Eager ___Very enthusiastic about something, especially a new endeavor
To go whole ___To do everything possible; be extravagant
Stool ___An informer, especially on one's friends
Let's talk ___To talk business; to talk frankly
Throw to the ___To put someone in a very difficult situation alone where he might fail or be harmed
___ outEat too much; binge eat
Blind as a ___Having extremely bad vision
___ awayHoard; save up for future use
___ courtAn unfair, biased, or improper court

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