Body Part Expressions II

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Can you name the body part that is part of the term, expression, or saying?

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ExpressionBody PartWhat It Means
Bury your ____ in the sandRefuse to confront or accept a problem
____ greaseHard, energetic scrubbing
Give the cold ____Purposely ignore or disregard someone
Let your ___ downRelax; to behave freely without inhibitions
____ the musicAccept the consequences of what you've done wrong
He's foaming at the ____Displaying furious rage
Get off on the wrong ____To make a bad start with someone or something
Wearing your ____ on your sleeveExpressing emotions and feelings openly, for all to see
Pull the wool over your ____Deceive; trick
Keep your ____ upTry to stay positive in a difficult situation
Cut off your ____ to spite your faceTo cause problems for yourself by trying to punish or hurt someone else
Kick up your ____Have a really good time; do what you enjoy
Long in the ____Old; past your prime
Play it by ____To decide what to do as events happen, rather than planning in advance
Costs an ___ and a legVery expensive
ExpressionBody PartWhat It Means
A pound of ____Payment or punishment that involves suffering and sacrifice
Rack your ____Try very hard to think of something
Shake a ____Hurry up
There's more than one way to ____ a catThere is more than one way of achieving a goal
Pain in the ____Something or someone that is annoying or troublesome
____ the lineConform to the rules or standards
Turn the other ____Refrain from retaliating after being attacked or insulted and act civilly to the other person
You can't get ____ out of a stoneYou can't get (from someone or something) what isn't there to begin with
By the skin of your ____Narrowly; just barely, especially referring to escape from disaster
____ dry (or dry as a ____)Completely and extremely dry
Caught red-____edCatch someone in the act of wrongdoing
Blow your ____To find something extremely surprising or exciting
My ____ are sealedI won't say anything
The cat's got your ___Afraid or unwilling to speak
She has a green ____Skillful in gardening or growing things

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