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Can you name the animal that is a part of the term, expression, or saying?

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ExpressionAnimalWhat It Means
Don't put the cart before the ___Do things in the correct order; or don't jump ahead with something before the time is right
Like a ___ with its head chopped offReacting to something in a frenzied way; nervous energy or agitation
To make a ___line towards (something)To move swifty in a direct, straight course
An ___ around the neckA burden (item, person, guilt, etc.) weighing you down
Like a ___ in the headlightsTo be so frightened that you cannot move or think
___ in a pokeBuying something sight unseen, taking a chance that it might not be what you want
Keeping the ___ from the doorMaintaining oneself at a minimal level; making barely enough to keep from starving
___ on your backSerious problem that won't go away; or an addiction
Like a ___ out of hellTo go suddenly and very quickly
___ eyes/eyedAn unusually good ability to see or notice things
Every ___ has his dayEveryone will have his time to shine/be important
Don't have a ___Don't overreact; don't get so upset
Going ___Acting crazy
White ___A possession that is useless, troublesome, or expensive to maintain
ExpressionAnimalWhat It Means
Kill the fatted ___To celebrate elaborately, especially in someone's honor
Kill two ___ with one stoneAccomplish two things at once
In two shakes of a ___'s tailWithout delay; very quickly
Like water off a ___'s backWithout any apparent effect; something ignored (as an insult)
Living high off the ___Living luxuriously
Has the ___ got your tongue?Unwilling or afraid to speak
___ toedHaving feet that turn toward each other
Put a ___ in your earTell useful information to someone, usually in a subtle or secretive way
There's more than one ___ in the seaThere are other options
__ finkA contemptible, obnoxious person; or a snitch
If it was a ___ it would have bit youSomething that is right in front of someone that they haven't seen; or to point out the obvious to someone
Eye of the ___Focused on winning; intensely concentrating on a challenge before you
A ___ in the ointmentSomeone or something that spoils a situation that could have been successful or pleasant
Stir up a ___'s nestMake trouble; cause a commotion

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