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Can you name the states that have designated these mammals with an official state status?

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White-Tailed Deer, Red Fox, Bottlenose Dolphin
Racking Horse, Black Bear, West Indian Manatee
___ Grizzly Bear, ___ Gray Whale
American Beaver/Beaver
White-Tailed Deer, Boykin Spaniel, Bottlenose Dolphin, Northern Right Whale, Mule, Marsh Tacky (horse)
Orca, Olympic Marmot
White-Tailed Deer, Chinook (dog)
Bison/Buffalo (aka American Buffalo)
Sperm Whale
Plott Hound, Grey Squirrel, Colonial Spanish Mustang,
Virginia Opossum
White-Tailed Deer, Great Dane
Morgan Horse, Randall Lineback (cattle)
Grey Fox
Badger, Dairy Cow, White-Tailed Deer,
American Water Spaniel
Rocky Mountain Elk
___ Mule, ___ Fox Trotting Horse
Manatee, Dolphin/Porpoise, ___ Panther,
___ Cracker Horse (aka Marshtackie)
___ Catahoula Leopard Dog, Black Bear
Grizzly Bear
___ Big-Eared Bat, American Foxhound
Tabby Cat, Boston Terrier, Morgan Horse, Right Whale
Thoroughbred Horse, Gray Squirrel
Moose, Bowhead Whale, ___n Malamute
White-Tailed Deer
Blue Lacy (dog), Mexican Free-Tailed Bat,
___ Longhorn, Nine-Banded Armadillo,
American Quarterhorse
___ Walking Horse, Raccoon
___ Coon Cat, Moose
The Nokota Horse
Right Whale
Bison, Raccoon, White-Tailed Deer,
Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
Calico Cat, Chesapeake Bay Retriever,
Thoroughbred Horse
Black Bear
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Dogs and cats that are adopted from the state's animal shelters and rescues
___ Monk Seal, Humpback Whale
Desert Bighorn Sheep

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