West Wing Actors

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Jed Bartlet
Abbey Bartlet
Leo McGarry
Josh Lyman
CJ Cregg
Toby Ziegler
Sam Seaborn
Donna Moss
Charlie Young
Will Bailey
Amy Gardner
Mandy Hampton
Annabeth Schott
Delores Landingham
Debbie Fiderer
Margaret Hooper
Carol Fitzpatrick
Ainsley Hayes
Joe Quincy
Percy Fitzwallace
Nancy McNally
Kate Harper
Ron Butterfield
Simon Donovan
Bruno Gianelli
Joey Lucas
Danny Concannon
Ellie Bartlet
Elizabeth Bartlet Westin
Zoey Bartlet
Mallory O'Brien
Matt Santos
Arnold Vinick
Helen Santos
Andrea Wyatt
Cliff Calley
Ryan Pierce
Lionel Tribbey
Oliver Babish
Jack Reese
Lou Thornton
Sheila Brooks
Bob Russell
John Hoynes

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