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______ Sunday; first day of the season of expectation and preparation for the commemoration of Jesus' birth
A yearly commemoration of a significant event that occurred on the same date, eg. wedding
Fruit 'bobbed' at Hallowe'en
Former name of Remembrance Day/Veterans Day still used in New Zealand, France and Belgium
Eid al-____; Islamic holiday also known as 'Feast of the Sacrifice'
Supernatural celestial beings who announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds in the Christmas story
Tree-planting holiday in the US and other countries
Day of ____________; the English translation of Yom Kippur
First day of Lent, observed by many Western Christian denominations; traditionally a day of penitence and fasting
Season in which Thanksgiving and Guy Fawkes Night fall
Fortieth day after Easter; celebrates the resurrected Jesus being taken up to heaven
Scandinavian spiced spirit traditionally drunk at celebrations
Day between Hallowe'en and All Souls Day
Scottish patron saint whose feast day is 30th November
First day of the fourth month, a day on which people play tricks or jokes on others

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