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Can you name the New York City Neighorhoods?

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23rd Street, Park Avenue South, 34th Street, 2nd Avenue
Houston Street, Allen Street, East Broadway, East River Drive
1st Avenue, 20th Street, 14th Street, Avenue C
Fulton Street, Water Street, Broadway
West Street, Vesey Street, Hudson River
57th Street, 8th Avenue, Central Park South, Broadway, 59th Street
Houston Street, Broadway, Bowery, Broome Street
Delancey Street, Chrystie Street, Canal Street, Ludlow Street
14th Street, Hudson Street, 6th Avenue, Houston Street
20th Street, 6th Avenue, 23rd Street, Broadway
65th Street, Amsterdam Avenue, 66th Street, Columbus Avenue
Canal Street, Church Street, West Street, Chambers Street
2nd Avenue, 23rd Street, 14th Street, Park Avenue South
50th Street, FDR Drive, Central Park South, West Side Highway
14th Street, 6th Avenue, 34th Street, 9th Avenue
8th Avenue, 42nd Street, Broadway, 47th Street
West Side Highway, 14th Street, 8th Avenue, 16th Street
8th Street, Broadway, 6th Avenue, Houston Street
40th Street, Park Avenue South, 1st Avenue, 34th Street
St Marks Place, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue
72nd Street, Central Park West, 110th Street, Riverside Drive
59th Street, 5th Avenue, FDR Drive, 125th Street
9th Avenue, 34th Street, 7th Avenue, 40th Street
55th Street, 1st Avenue, 59th Street, FDR Drive
34th Street, 5th Avenue, 30th Street, 7th Avenue
125th Street, Park Avenue, 135th Street, Malcolm X Boulevard
Lafayette Street, Canal Street, Bowery, Broome Street
34th Street, 9th Avenue, 52nd Street, West Side Highway
Houston Street, 6th Avenue, Bowery, Canal Street
Pearl Street/Water Street, FDR Drive
14th Street, 5th Avenue, Park Avenue South, 17th Street

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