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description of commercialcompany name
Cavemen, geckos, money with 'googly eyes'
'Apply directly to the forehead'
Sarah Mclachlan
This product is mentioned at least 60 times in the commercial, but its just a towel
Oxy-Clean, Fix-It, Hercules Hooks* (actually, name the person, not the company)
Creepy Guy in a costume trying to serve you burgers
'Give me that Fillet-o'-Fish,' or 'I'm into Nuggets ya'
description of commercialcompany name
35 year old in a carrier attached to his dad, pigs eating a ham
'5, 5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong!!!'
'I gave my fat jeans to my friends.' Jerk.
'Love Stinks,' 'Don't you Want Me Baby,' other painful 80's songs that repeat every other commercial break
'Viva _______!' (and it's not Las Vegas)
'discount. Discount. DISCOUNT!!!'
(UK) 'Only a tenor'

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