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Can you name the 5-letter words in this word ladder where you need to find the missing scrambled word in a phrase?

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Phrase5-Letter Word
The heaviest ____ in the world belongs to the sperm whale (nirab)
When you flush the toilet stuff goes down the ____ (rinad)
The knight's sword was ____ (rwand)
Sometimes, people ____ when swimming (nowrd)
Charlie ____ (orbnw)
Most humans have two eye____ (rsbow)
Counting ____ (worcs)
____ are grown in gardens (sporc)
Chicken ____ store chickens (pocos)
US Army ____ of Engineers (sporc)
Phrase5-Letter Word
The plural of a well-known fish is ____ (parcs)
____ protect things from water (spart)
In bakeshops, ____ may be sold (start)
Auto ____ store (strap)
Rebecca Black went to a ____ on Friday (aprty)
A type of pastry with meat and vegetables is called a ____ (spaty)
Many people think that cake is ____ (yttas)
One of the human senses is ____ (state)
Glue may be referred to as ____ (septa)
A popular Italian food is ____ (psata)

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