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Can you name the 4-letter-words in this word ladder that contains all U.S. presidents with 4 letters in their name?

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*41st president of the U.S.*
To move by exerting force.
Victoria Beckham's spice.
A small bunch of flowers that are usually gifts.
Of a certain fabric.
*11th president of the U.S.*
Food from a hog.
A public play area.
A smaller portion of a larger something.
Sour, acidy.
*27th president of the U.S.*
In British dialect, a homestead.
An attic-like room.
Clumsy, ill-mannered, oaf.
Being of high volume.
An authority figure, or someone Lady Gaga would marry.
*38th president of the U.S.*
Another way to say 'table'.
What the Swedish Chef says.
A dog's noise or tree covering.
To enjoy something nice in the sun.
A party or to strike hard.
*43rd president of the U.S.*

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