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(First Rung)s, tigers, and (Last Rung)s. Oh my!
A large, short-tailed, web-footed bird.
When something is about to hit somebody's head, one may say ____ out, or DUCK.
You can catch FISH with these tools.
This is the sound that a GOOSE makes.
____ DOGS is an acoustic folk band from South London.
HUMANS have one of these sprouting off of each arm.
INSECTS are the most abundant ____ animals.
This is essentially made of PIG fat and often used in food.
This bird is very well known for their beautiful voices.
At one of these recreational areas, there are often petting zoos with animals such as HORSES.
This food is usually made from the meat of young HOGS.
CHICKENpox may give you ____marks.
CHICKENS often do this, and it can also be known as biting.
MOORISH IDOL FISH (ex. Gill from Finding Nemo) have ____ed heads
Nearly all BIRDS have one of these on their mouths.
(First Rung)s, TIGERS, and (Last Rung)s. Oh my!

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