Tribute to Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

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As I lay me down/Heaven hear me now
Now you're here like you've been before/And you know just what i need
If i fail/If I succeed/At least I'll live as I believe
The ride with you was worth the fall my friend/Loving you makes life worth living
If I lose my fame and fortune/And I'm homeless on the street
I rise and fall/Yet through it all/This much remains
We were friends but with time/What I feel deep inside for you has changed
Say don't you worry/No, don't you fret/The Lord has never/Never failed you yet
When all the chips are down, baby/Then, I will always be around
O'er the land of the free/And the home of the brave
Who made the mountains/Who made the trees
From the moment I saw you/I was outta my mind
The clock strikes upon the hour/And the sun begins to fade
See, sometimes I'm lonely/But never alone

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