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Can you name the Simpsons characters by the clues given?

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Thinks 'funnest' is a word
Good at turning things on
Suffers from crippling depression
Doesn't dumb things down. Says 'rapport'
Concerned about their overbite
Eats SweeTarts carelessly
Doesn't know Lenny but is sure he's a jerk
Stopped caring in the 80s
Smokes harmless tobacco
Would expect five bees for a quarter
Expects extruded poly-vinyl foam insulation
Gives stern lessons to nuts
Lived at Dr. and Mrs. Dre Hall
Quick to show up on Adam West's driveway
Lives every day in agonising pain
Needs to be stopped before they kill their father again
Likes the sound of a 'speed-cocker'
Doesn't want to be Busty Saint-Claire
Sent Roxanne flowers
Wears loafers (but not if Matt Groening has anything to say about it)

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