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Can you name the Simpsons characters by the clues given?

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Irons to Bizet's 'Carmen'
Knocked out Gerry Cooney
Has gotta quit smoking
Advocates Pitt the Elder
Ponders the importance of sticktoitiveness
You are hearing him talk
Oh, and by the way, he's alive
Homer's ideal Monorail expert
Heavily influenced by the egg council
Bequeathed nothing, due to dying en route to their home planet
Bonestorm only supports 8-character names...
Bequeathed Jub-Jub
Got the part of Silly Sailor
Bequeathed $106,000 that eventually went to those who needed it
Their butt is for sitting, not for kissing
Gets more airtime than scienticians
Bequeathed a large amount to Ann Landers
Wears sneakers for sneaking
Can tell you what the little arrows on the wood floor mean
A bricklayer from New Jersey
Preempts tales of his busy hands spreading
Evades Hapablap in a garbage can
Calls fries 'chips'
Wears a half-windsor knot
Has small, girlish hands
Sole writing credit for 'In The Garden of Eden'
Ain't been quite right lately
Drove to New York and came back in a limo
Did not, in fact, have Lyme disease
Had the strategic skill to organise a saturation bombing with a child army

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