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A word formed from the initials of words in a phraseLASER, NATO
The name of another person assumed by an authorHamilton used Publius, a Roman consul
A word opposite in meaning to another wordFast/slow
A name considered linguistically undesirable; a bad wordDon't want to offend Aloysius or Percyvelle...
A secret or code name or word007: ____ for James Bond
The name used by a people to describe themselves'die Deutsche' for those from Germany
A word derived from the name of a person or placePasteurize: ____ for Louis Pasteur
A well-suited, fitting nameA realtor named Sue House
The name used by foreigners to describe a people or a place'Germans' for those from Germany
A word spelled the same but having a different meaning and sound from anotherlead (the metal)/lead (the verb)
A word naming the whole of something, given a partTree: _____ for bark or leaves.
A word sounding the same but having a different spelling and meaning from anotherPear/pare
A more generic term for a wordFurniture: ____ for 'chair'
A more specific term for a wordChair: ____ for 'furniture'
A one-word name by which a person is popularily knownOprah, Bono
A sequence of words that sounds the same as a different sequence of wordsIce cream/I scream
A name derived from a father or ancestorJohnson: ____ for 'John'
Something known by more than one nameUnless you're Oprah or Bono, likely you
A fictitious name assumed by an authorCharles Dodgson used 'Lewis Carroll'
A term created to distinguish what was once the only example of something from later developmentsAcoustic guitar: ____ for 'guitar'
A word with the same meaning as another wordCreate/make
A scientific name in which the generic and specific names are the sameGorilla gorilla, Chloris chloris
A name of a placeAthens, Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountains
A word that denotes a manner of doing somethingSaunter: ____ for 'walk'

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