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Year, Genre, ActorMovie
2009,Comedy, Jesse Eisenberg
2001, Sports, Will Smith
1992, Animated, Robin Williams
2001, Sci Fi, Jude Law
2006, Adventure, Rudy Youngblood
2010, Action, Bradley Cooper
1977, Comedy, Woody Allen
1989, Sci Fi, Ed Harris
2004, Comedy, Will Ferrell
1979, War, Robert Duvall
1978, Comedy, John Belushi
2007, Crime, Emile Hirsch
2009, Sci Fi, Sam Worthington
1999, Comedy, Jason Biggs
2007, Musical, Evan Rachel Wood
Year, Genre, ActorMovie
2006, Drama, James Franco
1979, Thriller, Sigourney Weaver
2010, Fantasy, Johnny Depp
2001, Crime, Morgan Freeman
2004, Drama, Leonardo DiCaprio
1995, Adventure, Tom Hanks
2007, Crime, Denzel Washington
1999, Drama, Kevin Spacey
1997, Thriller, Harrison Ford
2009, Animated, Nicholas Cage
1999, Sports, Al Pacino
1998, Action, Bruce Willis
1973, Drama, Richard Dreyfuss
2000, Comedy, Kate Hudson
1997, Comedy, Mike Myers

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