Words with alphabetic sequences

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Can you name the Words containing an alphabetic sequence of 3 or more letters (forwards or backwards)?

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Clue/direction of alphabetic sequenceWordSequence
What most of these clues are (forward)
The first country in the United Nations, alphabetically (forward)
Reacting to something funny (forward)
To forcibly take control of a vehicle in transit (forward)
Tranquility (forward)
The writing or singing of religious songs (forward)
A market dominated by a single seller (forward)
Superlatively bad (forward)
Clue/direction of alphabetic sequenceWordSequence
An actor who learns another's part in case of emergency (forward, 4 letters)
Full, like a Thanksgiving turkey (forward AND backward)
Sheets and blankets (backward)
The South, during the American Civil War (backward)
Ecologist's concern (backward)
Answer (backward)
Confections made of fried dough, typically shaped like a torus (backward)
Territory in northern Canada (backward)

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