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DescriptionClade or StructureLevel
triploblastic phylum with a water vascular system that powers tube feetPhylum
domain that includes the animalsDomain
group of phyla where the mesoderm forms by pinching off of gut and the mouth is the second opening to formclade btw Kingdom and Phylum
the embryoes of both cows and crocodiles both have this protective membranestructure
group of animals with chitinous outer covering that must be shedclade btw Kingdom and Phylum
tetrapod class with vivipary, ovipary and ovovivipary, but all eggs lack shellsClass
by mass, the most numerous phylum of animals on EarthPhylum
the most speciose phylum of animals on EarthPhylum
common name of most ancient lineage of furred endotherms alive todayclade below Class
very few species but major consumers of marine planktonPhylum
DescriptionClade or StructureLevel
ecdysozoans with two pairs of antennaeSubphylum
the only phylum with intracellular digestionPhylum
group of phyla that are triploblastic with spiral cleavageclade btw Kingdom and Phylum
class of chordates with translucent appendages supported by cartilaginous raysClass
large semiaquatic predators with 4-chambered hearts; almost all are endangered speciesClass
chordates with true vertebrae and jaws, but bones are made of cartilage onlyClass
this phylum includes colonial primary consumers that build reefsPhylum
arthropods with three tagmata: a head, a thorax and an abdomenClass
these reptiles evolved after turtles but before crocodiles (give common name)Class
segments and hair-like chaetae give their hydrostatic skeleton something to push againstPhylum

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