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Can you name the name every single Skylander?

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Mechanical dragonTech
Can make fruit explodeLife
Sneaky elfLife
Massive tree whose soil was poisonedLife (Giant)
Dark dragonUndead
Elven sorceress who seeks revengeUndead
Boxing dirt sharkEarth
Can see fire spiritsFire
Spooky ghost who was once a chefUndead
Vaccum-using sky baronAir
Half-dragon and half-phoenix hybridFire
Hides under a mask all the timeMagic
Wacky trollTech
Trapped inside a bottle for yearsMagic (Giant)
Crazy gremlinTech
Born inside a tornadoAir
Annoying Arkeyan robotTech
Brave orc warrior who killed a dragonMagic
Molten lava dogFire
Maniacal sling-shotting mushroomLife
Rolling rock dragonEarth
Nasty little grub wormMagic
Golding who loves technologyTech
Gem dragon who appeared from a craterEarth
Creepy eyeball in a suit of armorUndead (Giant)
Rock golem who loves rocksEarth (Giant)
Emits a supersonic screechAir
Rides an undead ostrichUndead
First of his species to walkLife
Tough Arkeyan warriorUndead
Grumpy-looking treeLife
Covered in magical oilFire (Giant)
Ex-pirate whaleWater (Giant)
Once protected the Snow QueenWater
Cross between a unicorn and dragonAir
Boomerang-slinging dinosaurEarth
Blue gillmanWater
Mace-wielding crustaceanWater
Came from a family of 9,000 waspsAir (Giant)
Water dragon raised by eelsWater
Cramped inside a suit of armorFire
Rigid crystal monsterEarth
Homeless yeti (not homeless any more)Water
Purple dragonMagic
Sits in a cloud all dayAir
Angry lava monsterFire
Used to play Roboto BallTech (Giant)
Drinks way too muchMagic

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