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Maniacal sling-shotting mushroomLife
Molten lava dogFire
Born inside a tornadoAir
Drinks way too muchMagic
Can see fire spiritsFire
Rolling rock dragonEarth
Rock golem who loves rocksEarth (Giant)
Gem dragon who appeared from a craterEarth
Brave orc warrior who killed a dragonMagic
Emits a supersonic screechAir
Vaccum-using sky baronAir
Annoying Arkeyan robotTech
Mechanical dragonTech
Covered in magical oilFire (Giant)
Elven sorceress who seeks revengeUndead
Water dragon raised by eelsWater
Half-dragon and half-phoenix hybridFire
Dark dragonUndead
Grumpy-looking treeLife
Hides under a mask all the timeMagic
Wacky trollTech
Spooky ghost who was once a chefUndead
Rides an undead ostrichUndead
Crazy gremlinTech
Once protected the Snow QueenWater
Purple dragonMagic
Sits in a cloud all dayAir
Angry lava monsterFire
Golding who loves technologyTech
Rigid crystal monsterEarth
Cramped inside a suit of armorFire
Homeless yeti (not homeless any more)Water
Blue gillmanWater
Can make fruit explodeLife
Boomerang-slinging dinosaurEarth
Massive tree whose soil was poisonedLife (Giant)
Cross between a unicorn and dragonAir
First of his species to walkLife
Creepy eyeball in a suit of armorUndead (Giant)
Used to play Roboto BallTech (Giant)
Ex-pirate whaleWater (Giant)
Nasty little grub wormMagic
Trapped inside a bottle for yearsMagic (Giant)
Tough Arkeyan warriorUndead
Boxing dirt sharkEarth
Came from a family of 9,000 waspsAir (Giant)
Sneaky elfLife
Mace-wielding crustaceanWater

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