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Happy SnappyTechies (Uncommon)
Tubby HuggishiKitties (Common)
Flashy FoxSecrets (Ultra-rare)
Fluffy SnugglerMythies (Rare)
Lipsmacking BubblyMunchies (Rare)
Snoring HickopotamusBeasties (Common)
Princess PonyPonies (Uncommon)
Creative CoyoteHipsters (Rare)
Titchy-Tusked MammothSnowies (Rare)
Baby BoomerNoisies (Rare)
Stunt PenguinBirdies (Rare)
Dinky DreamcloudFluffies (Uncommon)
Blaring BoomboxTunies (Uncommon)
Mystic MoggieLuckies (Ultra-rare)
Jollywood SingalingRoxstars (Ultra-rare)
Squeezy TinkleHuffTunies (Ultra-rare)
Woolly Blue HoodooSpookies (Ultra-rare)
Yodelling MooMooNoisies (Uncommon)
Furry HeebeeSpookies (Common)
Snuggly Tiger CubBeasties (Rare)
Bigmouth Squiddly DeeNoisies (Uncommon)
(Le) Uppity Croc MonsieurNaughties (Rare)
Unlucky LarrikinLuckies (Rare)
Baby BlockheadWorldies (Uncommon)
Titchy TrundlebotTechies (Ultra-rare)
PluffFluffies (Rare)
Brassy BlowyThingTunies (Rare)
Mini MoshifoneTechies (Ultra-rare)
Tabby NerdicatKitties (Rare)
Cheeky ChimpNinjas (Common)
Joyful Juicy BrainiacBrainies (Ultra-rare)
Rummaging PlotamusDinos (Uncommon)
Unhinged JackhammerNoisies (Common)
Songful SeaHorseFishies (Common)
ZoshlingZoshlings (Ultra-rare)
Twirly TwiddlycopterTechies (Ultra-rare)
Acrobatic SeaStarFishies (Rare)
ZoshlingZoshlings (Ultra-rare)
Moptop TweenybopSecrets (Ultra-rare)
Psycho GingerboyFoodies (Rare)
Supah LoofahSploshies (Common)
Owl of WisenessBirdies (Rare)
Precious PrismSecrets (Ultra-rare)
Disco DuckieBirdies (Common)
Mini MoneyLuckies (Common)
Plucky PunchaRooSporties (Rare)
Oochie PoochiePuppies (Common)
Froggie DoggiePuppies (Ultra-rare)
Fiery FrazzledragonBeasties (Ultra-rare)
Musky HuskyPuppies (Rare)
Funny BunnyFluffies (Rare)
Mini ManglerSporties (Common)
Slapstick TortoiseNinjas (Uncommon)
Magical TinklerSploshies (Common)
Sneezing PandaBeasties (Ultra-rare)
Sparkly SweetheartSmilies (Uncommon)
Sneaky TeaLeafNaughties (Ultra-rare)
Fancy BansheeSpookies (Rare)
Silly SnufflerPonies (Rare)
Jolly TupthumperTunies (Rare)
ZoshlingZoshlings (Ultra-rare)
Abominable SnowlingSnowies (Ultra-rare)
Pretty KittyKitties (Uncommon)
Nattering NutlingNutties (Common)
Surreal SnooperArties (Uncommon)
Batty BubblefishFishies (Uncommon)
Performing FlappasaurusDinos (Ultra-rare)
Naughty NutterNutties (Ultra-rare)
Valley MermaidFishies (Rare)
Undercover YapYapPuppies (Uncommon)
Baby Tumteedum Dinos (Common)
Whinger CatKitties (Common)
Pretty PyramidWorldies (Ultra-rare)
Savvy SaplingNutties (Common)
Magical MulePonies (Ultra-rare)
Baby GhostSpookies (Uncommon)
Scrappy ChappyMythies (Common)
Jabbering JibberlingSmilies (Uncommon)
ZoshlingZoshlings (Ultra-rare)
Warrior WombatNinjas (Ultra-rare)
Teeny Tick-TockWorldies (Ultra-rare)
Caped AssassinNinjas (Uncommon)
Glitzy BooHooSecrets (Ultra-rare)
Wheelie YumYumFoodies (Ultra-rare)
Wistful SnowtotSnowies (Rare)
Magical SparklepopFoodies (Rare)
Boiled BoffinMunchies (Common)
Pixel-Munching SnafflerFluffies (Ultra-rare)
SkyPonyPonies (Common)
Swishy MissySnowies (Common)
Splodgy SuckerSploshies (Common)
Kitten of Good FortuneLuckies (Rare)
Potty PipsqueakDinos (Uncommon)
Ginger McMoshlingMythies (Ultra-rare)
Pilfering ToucanBirdies (Rare)
Happy StatueWorldies (Rare)
Playful Pfft PfftArties (Rare)
Cranky CodfatherSploshies (Rare)
Valiant VikingMythies (Rare)
Sweet Ringy ThingyFoodies (Ultra-rare)
Bashful BowlheadMunchies (Ultra-rare)

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