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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Prime Minister
Name of Parliament
Capital City
Second Largest City
Third Largest City
Unofficial Cultural Capital
National Anthem
National Flower
National Foundation Day
Constitution Memorial Day
Main Island
Main Island
Main Island
Main Island
Largest Island
Number of Prefectures
Largest Prefecture
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Sea
Highest Point (3,776 m)
Internet Country Code
Major Religion
Major Religion
Official Language
Nationality (Demonym)
Drives On The...
Age of Suffrage
First City to Suffer Atomic Bombing
Second City to Suffer Atomic Bombing
Recognized Indigenous Group
Southern Island Chain, Once Seperate Kingdom
World Cup Host Year
Summer Olympics Host Year
National Sport
Most Popular Sport
High Speed Rail Line
Traditional Form of Theater
Traditional Form of Theater
Traditional Food; Boiled Rice Wrapped In Seaweed
Traditional Food; Raw Fish
Traditional Formal Clothing
1860s Rebellion Leading To Japan's Industrialization
Imperial Residence
Constitutional Article Denouncing War

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